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Manifesting A Dream


Nyamnz Marthas Vineyard LLC was founded by Culinary Director Lacey-Ann Williams in 2020. Lacey, born and raised in Jamaica began this journey to share culinary goals & visions with each guest by offering an array of services paying homage to an authentic Jamaican, "nyammings" experience. Today, with a group of experts varying from caterers, event planners, and culinary historians we are invested in curating the personalized culinary experience of your dreams irregardless of the experience. 

Lacey Williams-9.jpg


As we are growing, we look forward to sharing unforgettable memories with you across the islands. Creating equitable platforms for the legacy of other young culinary visionaries to rise & shine.


The importance of the Nyamnz experience is to create spaces, where loved ones can share & bond unlimitedly with each other, with delicious meals at the center. Educating each guest about the cultural background, and values whilst sharing delicious meals. Consistently offering a full sensory learning experience.

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